Matrix Multiplication

Using parallel computing in C
the goal of this project was to compute the product of 2 matrices using the MPI library

Marketing and Communication

I created the content for a total of 36 web pages for the Economic Development Agency of my city in the summer of 2020. The main objective was to revamp the current website and to promote to our community the services offered by the agency.

6*6 Array "Alignements" Game

Using forks in C++, the objectif was to create two child processes to play a game of "Alignements". The communication between the processes would be done via tubes.

Real Time Computing

Using C++ a server receives current speeds of a client every miliseconds. The server then computes the distances covert by the client using 4 different integrals calculation.

Political Science Blog

Since 2018 I have taken some classes in political science, and this blog is a collection of my personal research on a variety of topics. From the Ethnic Vote in Acadia, to the school of Public Choice, every topic was a great challenge and presented an opportunity to use the knowledge I have learned in Computer Science to improve the quality of the data gathered. Scripts in R, Python, and Bash, were frequently used to do the repetitive tasks and the document themselves were written in LaTeX.

About me

I've always been driven to learn new things. During my university years I've taken a lot of classes not directly related to Computer Science to expand my skill set to the world of business. Management and Political Science classes taught me a lot about project management and the public sector.